Golden Milano Plums, Nuggets of Gold in a Dreary Season


photo of Golden Milano plum tomatoesIt’s been an odd gardening season this year. It started out nice in the spring, and then some light frost in the middle of May, with a really nasty cold windy Saturday of the Memorial Day weekend.

That ushered in thirteen inches of rain in June, followed by some wicked heat, and a few days of 4 inch rains, and a lot of humidity. We haven’t had a good stretch of dry weather all summer. The spring harvest was good, but I had eggplants before my early tomatoes. I had early tomatoes on my Hawaiian Pineapple tomatoes before the early tomatoes set. These Hawaiian Pineapples are a very late season variety, 93 days for crying out loud and the plant set a tomato in early June. It’s now the start of August and about 15% of my tomatoes haven’t set fruit, and another 15% is just starting.

The Golden Milanos, a yellow version of Roma Plum, though have been a bright spot. They are a F1 hybrid, not an heirloom but that’s fine by me. My local supermarket was selling local vegetable plants in the spring, and  of course I stopped by to check them out. When I saw these, I just had to have them. I don’t grow many plum varieties, and to have a locally grown yellow variety staring me in the face. well, I had no choice but to try them. The fact of the matter is, I’ve had yellow plums in the back of my head for a couple of seasons. I just never got the seeds.

These plants are  VF which means they are resistant to V = Verticillium wilt  and F = Fusarium Wilt. And they are. I’ve had a season of battling both, and these plants just laughed it off. The plants are short and bushy. They are very prolific, and like most yellow tomatoes, they have a mild, acid free flavor, They grew rather large, and they are meaty. They roast really well, they make a nice sauce. I like them and would consider growing them again, which considering the general lack of interest I have with plum tomatoes, that statement is golden. I hope you see what I just did there.

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