Seed, Plant, Tree Sources

Here are resources for heirloom varieties of seeds, plants and trees. The list is in no particular order, is not comprehensive and is not an endorsement of one over any other. These are selected sites I have come across in my research. It will be updated as I find new resources.

Please take a look around and see which of these links feel right for you.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds – Comprehensive resource for heirloom gardening

Tomatofest – strictly heirloom tomatoes

D. Landreth Seed Company – oldest seed house in America

Fedco Co-op Garden Supplies – co-op seed house, potatoes here

Victory Seeds – tobacco included here

Seed Savers Exchange – potatoes and garlic included here

Heritage Harvest Seed – specializes in very old heirlooms

Terrior Seeds – heirloom and open pollinated seeds, membership program, gardner referral program, and seed collections with books related to the seed collections

Sand Hill Preservation Center – they have rare poultry also

Trees of Antiquity – specializing in heirloom fruit and nut trees

Seeds of Italy – specializing in Italian heirlooms

Cross Country Nurseries – they have plants not seeds

High Mowing Organic Seeds – flowers, vegetables, herbs, cover crops

Pinetree Garden Seeds – flowers, herbs, fungi and mushroom kits and plugs

Maine Potato Lady – organic potatoes and garlic

Kitazawa Seed Company  – specializing in Asian varieties since 1917

Bountiful Gardens – a resource for seeds, trees, books, mushrooms, tools, etc

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